Samoa Flag
    Samoa flag
    Adopted 24 February 1949
    Proportion 1:2
    Colors White
    Samoa Flag
    The national flag of Samoa is red field with a blue rectangle in the upper hoist-side quadrant bearing five white five-pointed stars representing the Southern Cross constellation
    Samoa Flag Colors - symbolism
    Samoa Flag Colors - meaning

    Blue represents freedom
    Red stands for courage
    White symbolizes purity
    Samoa Flag Colors

    Blue RGB: (0,43,127) Hex: #002b7f
    Red RGB: (206,17,38) Hex: #ce1126
    White RGB: (255,255,255) Hex: #FFFFFF
    Samoa Flag history
    New Zealand occupied German Samoa in 1914 and officially gained control of the territory in 1919. A new Samoan flag with a red field and four white stars on a blue canton was introduced on May 26, 1948. A fifth star was added on February 24, 1949. When Samoa became independent on January 1, 1962 the same flag was adopted as the national flag.
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    Samoa Flag Picture
    Samoa Flag Picture

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